Women Shoes For Narrow Feet

The perfect-fitting shoe for narrow feet - Designed by you!

Your shoes are never too narrow? People that have narrow feet, usually have the problem to have too much space in the shoe and hence the foot is slipping in the shoe. That is at least as uncomfortable as having to tight shoes. Often you have to buy one size smaller so that the width fits. But that causes other problems.

Jaimie Jacobs has a solution for this problem: each shoe is adjusted to your individual needs. The result are exclusive, fashionable women shoes also for narrow feet.

Easily determine your Jaimie Jacobs size

With our our how-to-manual you can easily determine your Jaimie Jacobs shoe size. Just follow the 5 described steps.


Customized shoes are our speciality. We make customized shoes since 20 years now. We believe that everyone should enjoy customized shoes at least once. That is why we started to offer our service also online. Since 2013 you can design your own shoe online with our 3D designer. It is very easy and a lot of fun. Just go online and start designing. As soon as we have received your order, you will get your handmade shoe within 2 to 3 weeks. In our portfolio, you find a pair of shoes for every occasion:

Our shoes are handmade. Only high quality materials from Italy and France are used. You have a huge selection of different materials and colours.

We also have good news for everyone that just doesn't fit into the normal shoe sizes. Jaimie Jacobs offers a solution for everyone - big, small, wide, narrow feet. Even for different sizes for left and right.

If your shoes should not fit perfectly, you can return it within 30 days and we make you a new pair of shoes that will fit. Here, you can find further details regarding returns.