Satisfaction Guarantee 


The Jaimie Jacobs Joker

Our goal is to offer you exactly what you have expected: a shoe that you love! In the case your shoe is not 100% perfect, you can return your unworn shoe within 30 days. You will get a new pair of shoes for free or your money back. You only have to pay for the shipment to us.  

The perfect size

A customized shoe should fit perfectly. If this is not the case, you have the Jaimie Jacobs Joker: If the shoe is unworn, we take it back and make you a new pair of shoes in the correct size. If you have any questions regarding the size, please contact our customer service. Either via email ( or phone (+49 176 96853051).

Damaged shoes

Of course, we will do everything that is possible in order to provide you with a flawless pair of shoes. But it can happen that shoes get damaged during transportation or there is a little production error. In these cases you also have the Jaimie Jacobs Joker and we will make a new pair of shoes for you. If the shoes get damaged after they were worn, we cannot take them back since we only accept unworn returns.  


If you ordered shoes in different sizes for left and right foot, we have to charge a one-time fee of 80€ in case you want to return them. Of course you only have to pay this fee if the shoes were undamaged. If the shoes were damaged during the transportation or before, you don't have to pay the extra fee.