Here you find answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - info@jaimiejacobs.com  


1. How much do Jaimie Jacobs shoes cost?

Our prices depend on the shoe model. Each shoe model has a unit price. The price is independent of the design options you choose. 

2. How much do I pay for the delivery?

The delivery is for free. We ship our shoes with DHL. 

3. Do I have to pay taxes or customs?

We want to provide you the best service possible. So we take care of all taxes and customs. You only pay for the shoes - nothing else



4. What shoe sizes does Jaimie Jacobs offer? 

All our shoes are available from size 1.5 to 10.5 UK. Here, you can find a mapping table to US and EU sizes and centimeters.

5. What sizes should I choose for Jaimie Jacobs shoes? 

Based on our experience, in most cases it is best if you order the size that you usually have or that you have mostly. If you don't know which size to choose, then write us an email with you usual size at info@jaimiejacobs.com. We will then help you to determine your perfect size. If your shoes should not fit you can return them to us. You must return the shoes within 30 days and the shoes must be unworn. We then will make you another pair of shoes that will fit or you get your money back. 

6. Does Jaimie Jacobs also make shoes for very wide or narrow feed? 

Yes, we do. All our sizes are available in normal, wide and narrow width. You can choose your size and width during the checkout process. 

7. I have different sizes for right and left. Does Jaimie Jacobs also make shoes in different sizes?

Absolutely! You can choose different sizes for right and left in the checkout process. 



8. How long does it take until I get my shoes?

After your order it takes between 2 to 3 weeks until you receive your handmade shoes. If you choose wire transfer it can take a few days until we receive the money. We start making the shoes when we have received the money. 

9. In which countries does Jaimie Jacobs ship? 

We ship worldwide.

10. How much does the delivery cost? 

The delivery is for free. We ship our shoes with DHL.

11. How does the delivery work?

The packages are delivered on a workday between 8am and 7pm. Our logistics partner DHL (www.dhl.de) delivers the shoes. A signature is necessary for the delivery. In case you are not at home the package can be delivered to a neighbour, too.  



12. Can I return my Jaimie Jacobs shoes?

Yes! You can return your shoes within 30 days. The shoes must be unworn. You will get your money back. You just have to pay the transportation costs to us. 

13. How can I send my shoes back? 

That is very easy. Write us an email info@jaimiejacobs.com and tell us that you want to return your shoes and why. We provide you then with further details how to proceed. 


Customer Feedback

14. I love my Jaimie Jacobs shoes! How can I tell others from Jaimie Jacobs?

We would very much appreciate if you share your experience that you have made with Jaimie Jacobs with other shoe lovers. Just write us an email with your experiences to info@jaimiejacobs.com you can also attach a photo. You can see some of our customer experiences here.