Our Philosophy -
Your Perfect Shoe

Jaimie Jacobs handmade shoes since 1994

Since 20 years, we make customized shoes. It is so fascinating to see with what enthusiasm and self-fulfilment our customers create their perfect shoe and proudly wear them afterwards. To be able to share this experience with even more shoe lovers and fashionistas, we created the brand Jaimie Jacobs. With Jaimie Jacobs we have the vision to make exactly the shoe that our customers want. Each customer shall be able to design her own shoe, get it in the perfect size and that for a reasonable price.

German Craftsmanship

Our high quality shoes are the result of German craftsmanship. Our shoemaker from Germany make customized shoes since 20 years. The whole process from the concept of the shoe base model to the manufacture and the final quality control is based on the knowledge and the long term experience of our shoemakers.The final result of our manufacture are high quality shoes by German standards.

Jaimie Jacobs German Craftsmanship

Modern Design & High Wearing Comfort

At Jaimie Jacobs, you can find suitable shoes for every occasion. You can choose from both current fashion trends and elegant classics. We pay a lot of attention to all the details already when we draft a new shoe model. Besides the prefect proportions and the elegant form of our shoes, we set high value on the wearing comfort. All our shoes are equipped with a high quality and soft foot-bed. Furthermore, you can customize the shoes according to your size. We offer all sizes: 3-14 US for women and 5 -19 for men. All sizes are available for narrow, normal and wide feed. Even different sizes for right and left are possible.  You will feel the difference!

Jaimie Jacobs Modern Design & High Wearing Comfort

Sustainability & Responsiblity

We believe that highest quality should have the price that it deserves. Hence, we set a high value on good working conditions and fair payments of our workers and subcontractors. When choosing our materials, sustainability has the highest priority, too. We buy our leathers from the best tanneries in Europe, mainly from France and Italy. We refuse the usage of skins from threatened animal species or from animals that are only killed because of their skin. Because of that, we do not offer real fish, snake or crocodile leather.

Jaimie Jacobs Sustainability & Responsiblity

Premium Quality Fairly Priced

We are not only just another new shoe brand. We try to offer our customers new, unique products by implementing innovative ideas. Due to the fact that we make our shoes in-house and do not collaborate with middlemen, we are able to offer exclusive, handmade shoes for incomparably cheap prices. We don't have long waiting times either: we ship our shoes within 2 to 3 weeks to our customers.

Jaimie Jacobs Premium Quality Fairly Priced